Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are an exciting way to add length, thickness, texture and color to the hair.  Most people know that extensions can make your hair longer and thicker in just a matter of hours, but there is much more they can do in a matter of minutes!  Extensions can be used to add highlights or streaks of any color with no chemicals and when you are done with the look they are simply removed and your hair is ready for the next style.

hair-extensionsGrowing a bob into something longer in the front or asymmetrical can be achieved in less than an hour rather than months of growing.  There are over 80 different colors and textures available in straight, wavy and curly.  Book a consultation today to discuss how extensions can give you the hair you want!

At Phillip DePalma we use SHE by Socap hair extensions.  This premium human hair retains more of the cuticle (outer layer of the hair shaft) than any other extension on the market.  It is applied by warm fusion or ultrasonic fusion.  The keratin bond at the top of the hair extension is bonded to your own hair by one of our certified technicians.  One of our stylists is also a certified Socap instructor so we insure the best quality of service during your visit.